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Nuke™ training on-site* for small groups (VFX professionals, students**, educators), with a certified from The Foundry® Nuke Trainer, professional digital compositor, and Senior Lecturer in the UoP.


Course Info

  • Expected teaching dates: June 2017 - TBC
  • Duration: 1 week per level (you can choose either, or both)
  • Coursework update: NUKE 10
  • Certificates on completion: Nuke Certified Artist Level I or II
  • Coursework & Assessment: in-class
  • Equipment, including Wacom tablets or/and screens, and educational Nuke licences will be provided for the classes.
  • Accomodation in the University's Halls of Residence will be available at a discount for atendees.


Who can attend

For beginners, students, users of other compositing packages, educators, and professionals wanting to expand their knowledge or switch to Nuke.


*The University of Portsmouth is the appointed Official Nuke Training Centre, where all Nuke classes will take place.


**There will be a significant discount of the tuition fees for students and UoP Staff (TBC).







Course Outline


NUKE Certified Artist Level I – 25hrs (5hrs X 5days)

For beginners, and users of other compositing packages

  • Day 1: Nuke Interface


  • Day 2: Transforming and Keyframing


  • Day 3: Bit Depths, Colour Spaces, and Colour Grading


  • Day 4: Alpha Mattes, Merging, and Rotoscoping


  • Day 5: Keying


NUKE Certified Artist Level II – 25hrs (5hrs X 5days)

For Nuke users that have completed Level I,

or junior level Nuke compositing professionals

  • Day 1: Manipulating Channels and Matching Artefacts


  • Day 2: Time Warping and Image Distortion


  • Day 3: Motion Tracking


  • Day 4: Working with 2.5D, 3D, and Stereoscopic 3D


  • Day 5: Optimization, Scripting, and New Techniques



Contact: Pan Vafeiadis

United Kingdom

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